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H E L L O;

I'm  aimee    bernardo

visual artist.expressionism


I am a country girl, raised before the Internet and cable TV.  My father was a farmer and my childhood was filled with the wonders of catching dragonflies and chasing chickens.  I have fond memories of the start of the rainy season, the symphony of sound coming from the frogs brought my village to life.  My cousins and I would scamper around catching as many as we could, and together with abundant snails we would carry them to the pots and pans of my Great Aunt, who would create many wonderful and delicious dishes to savour.  Looking back, I find it ironic that I was raised on a diet of frog legs and escargot.


I miss those amazing childhood days, climbing trees and wandering through those fields of gold.  What a canvas I had.

While my father was away tending his flock, he would write to me to share his thoughts and feelings.  In my childlike way, I would respond by sending him sketches and notes of my memories of those precious times.  It's those moments, which are still with me today, that inspire me every time I put brush to canvas.  Sadly, my beloved father passed away at an early age. Through my art, I feel connected to him.  What was said and what was not said, comes out in my art.


I worked as a photographer for 11 years, and that work is still important to me

As I move between the camera and canvas, I follow my intuition.  Through my lens, a sunset can mean many things,  it can radiate feelings of peace, joy and contentment.  With my painting, I am having a conversation with my canvas.  My painting is in effect, an ongoing conversation with my hopes, dreams and ideas - it's where I right the wrongs of my past, converse with my beloved father and express an imagined future.


I call my

of painting,


Tagalog word

synonyms and related words: drip. v. to fall in drops: pumatak, pumatak-patak, tumulo, tumulutulo. n. falling in drops: pagtulo, pagpatak-patak. drop. n. 1. a small amount of liquid in a round shape: patak; 2. a small amount: kaunti; 3. a fall in drops: tulo, pagtulo, patak, pagpatak; 4. a sudden fall: pagkahulog, pagkabagsak

Immaculate spring
Immaculate spring
Immaculate spring
Immaculate spring
Immaculate spring
Immaculate spring
Immaculate spring
Immaculate spring
Immaculate spring

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