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- is a medium, styled by drawing and painting

It seeks to help us express negative experiences in a positive way, and providing an alternative means of expression for those of us who have difficulty finding words to express ourselves--especially children, elderly, and those amongst us with learning difficulties, not to mention people faced with depression. 

We all face personal challenges and tragedies as we move through life.  After each such challenge, we begin to heal. 


During this process we often find ourselves wanting an outlet for our feelings.


Proyekto.Pat'ak provides an indirect non-verbal means of expression that allows us to explore our innermost difficulties and issues in a non-judgmental setting.

The role of art is valuable, especially for those of us who cannot easily articulate many of our own emotions and need the safety of a medium before being able to express ourselves more fully and directly.  What better way to be heard, by means of self-expression through art.  The creative process can be a health-enhancing and growth-producing experience.

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